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20 Times People Shared Something That Left Us Scratching Our Heads

 I have to say, some things out in the world only seem to exist to confuse us. They rarely offer any kind of explanation. We're just supposed to accept them, no matter how weird they are.

And these pictures are really no different. They're the kinds of things that will leave you with a lot more questions than answers, even if they are kind of entertaining.

"Some helpful red squirrels helped me clean my yard by putting pinecones into buckets."

On one hand, this is actually kind of wholesome. But at the same time, did the squirrels know what they were doing? Did they know that they were helping the humans out? Are squirrels smarter than we've been taking them for!?

"This egg carton for a single egg."

As truly bizarre as this is, it's also kind of cute. It's such an unnecessarily tiny piece of packaging. Like, it seems like a bit of a waste to make a carton that only fits one egg, but I almost can't be mad. Confused? Absolutely. But not mad.

These very strange clouds in the sky.

Honestly, who gave clouds the right to do weird things like this? Sure, at times they can look cool, but a lot of the time they just look really odd and confusing.

I kind of wouldn't want these things hanging over my head.

"I found a pile of snail shells in my car engine."

So, how exactly does one end up with a pile of snail shells in their car? Because I can't think of any plausible situation that would explain this. And yet, here they are, just hanging out in this car.

Can a car even run with this many shells by the engine?

"An old bucket I found in my dad’s sawmill. No idea what original contents were."

This bucket is doing double duty. Not only is it super confusing, but it's also a bit unsettling. Like, I'm sure whatever was in it wasn't anything suspicious. But I also can't help but think it was something suspicious.

The way this tree ended up forming a hole in the trunk.

You have to hand it to the trees; they sure know how to keep going, even when they've been dealt a strange hand. It might not always make sense, but the way they can grow back together after being split somehow is pretty impressive.

The frog statue inside of this shot glass.

I'm not mad at this. It's surprisingly well-made. But that still doesn't explain why there's a frog inside the glass. Does that mean less room for a shot, or is it a slightly larger glass? More importantly, why is it in there in the first place?

"I was sorting my clothes and found out that I have 3 of the same exact shirt."

I'm not really sure how one ends up with three identical copies of the exact same shirt, but I have a feeling no one went out and bought them at different times. Then again, this could be the start of someone's journey into becoming a cartoon character.

These black tomatoes.

I know that there's an actual species of tomatoes that are black. And yet, I still can't believe that they exist. They kind of look cursed, like biting into one would suck you into a black hole or something.

How does a plant even grow this dark?

"This was on one of the shirts that came in a bag of rags. I live in Australia."

This is a pretty specific tag to find in a bag of rags in Australia. Considering the distance between Australia and Los Angeles, this shirt would've had to travel a long way just to end up as a rag. It's almost sad, really.

The way you can tell what part of the statue people have been touching the most.

Have you ever had the desire to touch a statue's butt? Yeah, me neither. And yet, it looks like a lot of people over the years have taken it upon themselves to touch the butt. I... I don't even have words for this.

This solitary puzzle piece.

I'm sure that, alongside the rest of the puzzle, this piece looks totally normal. But without the rest of the context, it's just weird. Like, what kind of puzzle does this piece belong to? I almost don't know if we want to know the answer.

"Chlorine stalactites from a tank leak."

Even with the caption, I have no idea what I'm looking at. I get that there was some kind of leak, but how does chlorine turn into a solid stalactite like this? I dunno, some things out there just don't make sense I guess.

"This location marker in Cape Town, South Africa includes Missouri as one of the locations."

I wonder if this particular part of Cape Town gets a lot of tourists from Missouri of all places. Because this is a really specific state to have a location marker for. At least New York makes more sense. And Sydney.

This extra large packet of ketchup.

As much as this is probably a good idea (especially for people who, like, really love ketchup), I can't help but think this is super weird. It's kind of unnatural. Who decided that ketchup packets got to be this big? Also, why did they do this?

"Not sure if this occured [*sic*] naturally or if someone stole the mailbox. But either way I'm probably not getting my package back."

This is taking mail theft to a whole new level. I'm not entirely sure what someone hopes to gain in doing something like this, though.

Then again, if it were some kind of lightning strike or something, then what would've happened to the mailbox?

"I found a black Cheez-It."

I'm sure the Cheez-It was probably burned. After all, that's really the only way a cracker would end up being black. But then, how is it not crumbling apart? I think this is one question we may never get an answer to, no matter how much we want one.

"I got a negative fortune cookie."

Is this a new trend or something? I've seen a few strangely sinister fortune cookie fortunes floating around the web. Each one is more confusing than the last, and this is no exception.

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, and I kind of don't want to know.

The way this ant hill looks like it has a face.

Ant hills are kind of the worst. They're just super annoying to deal with, the ants that live there especially. But this one has a face. I don't know if that makes it better or worse than the others.

Nope, it's definitely worse.

"This lipstick has been here for so long that the colour faded from the exposed part."

Yeah, I think that's a sign that this lipstick shouldn't be on the shelf anymore. I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy it at this point. It's missing a lot of pigment, which is kind of the point.

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