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Always Place A Toilet Paper Roll Under The Toilet Seat At Night, Here's Why


When things go wrong in the home, it can be a real headache. While we try our best to keep everything in perfect working order, sometimes our homes have different ideas. Burst geysers, sprouting mold, and rotting flooring are just a few of the crises that a homeowner can suffer. That is why we put together an incredibly detailed and helpful list of hacks that you might have never heard of. Everyone deserves to have a safe, comfortable, and beautiful home, and we want you to have this helpful manual on hand whenever you come across a spot that needs some loving.

Squeaky Doors And Cooking Spray

Cooking spray is great for making sure that burger patties and chicken schnitzels don’t stick to frying pans and oven trays. But did you know that your furniture can benefit from some Pam? If you find that a particular cupboard door squeaks annoyingly when you open it, give it a few squirts of cooking spray and it will loosen the joints pleasingly. Just please be careful when using cooking spray as inhaling this substance can be unhealthy.

Nail Polish And Loose Screws

This next one goes out to the fellas – if you live alone, and don’t use nail polish, then it’s time to buy some! Amazingly, you can also use it to seal loose screws in place. If you find that a cupboard door is a bit wonky thanks to an uncooperative screw, then you can glue it in place with nail polish, which will harden quickly and keep the door in place. This sure beats having to rebuild a cupboard!

Cover Nail Holes With Crayons

We all have nail holes that stick out like sore thumbs in our otherwise beautiful homes. If you recently removed a painting off the wall, or started a project that you soon decided was a bad idea, then crayons are very useful for hiding your regrets. Simply find a color that matches the wall or surface with the hole in it and color it in. This won’t fix the hole, of course, but it will be well hidden.

Tape And Caulk Edge

Caulk edges can become quite a mess for those trying to get a perfect finish on a room renovation project. No matter how hard some people try, they just cannot get smooth edges. For this reason, we suggest trying painter’s tape, which will allow you to line the wet caulk and reduce the smudging process. Once the caulk dries, you can strip the painter’s tape without damaging anything while leaving a perfectly straight line in place.

Broken Lightbulbs And Potatoes

So, you tried to force a dead lightbulb out of its hole, and squeezed too hard, causing it to break in your hand. Ouch! Hopefully, you didn’t hurt yourself. You probably did get left with a dangerous broken bulb sticking out of your wall, however. May we suggest that you slice a potato in half and wedge it into the glass shards? Once you have a solid grip, turn the potato counterclockwise and carefully loosen the bulb.

Rubber Bands And Stripped Screws

Like broken lightbulbs, stripped screws can be seriously slippery devils. You might not be able to get a good grip on them, even with your handy screwdriver. To make sure that your screwdriver sticks to these loose screws, try wrapping elastic bands around the heads tightly. This will allow you to get the traction that you need before yanking them out. All that you need for this trick (alongside your toolbox) is a good handful of rubber bands.

A Bar Of Soap And Nail Holes

So, now that you have removed your unwanted nails, you might be wondering how to neatly cover up the holes. For this job we recommend a bar of soap that you would be happy to sacrifice. If you smear the bar of soap in a clockwise motion over the hole, then it will soon fill with pleasant-smelling filler. Finish the job by wiping away the excess flakes with a warm, wet towel, and then pat yourself on the back.

Stopping Doors From Slamming Or Rattling

Nothing keeps me up at night like a rattling or slamming door. You might have tried all kinds of methods to stop this spooky and irritating sound, only for the banging to resume as soon as you get back into bed. If you have a spare cabinet door bumper lying around, then we have the perfect trick for you. Simply stick the bumper onto the door jamb by the floor. Now, you can enjoy the silence needed for peaceful nights.

Squeaky Floors And Baby Powder

No one likes to hear squeaking when they walk on their wooden floors. It can make some people believe that their home is in poor condition and that they need to replace their flooring. Rather than paying for a very expensive project, you could simply sprinkle talcum powder in the tight spaces between the floorboards. Finish by sweeping up the remaining powder that didn’t make it in. Now, try stepping on the suspicious floorboards and see if they still make a sound or not.

SOURCE: housejogger