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30 Strange Events We Had To See To Believe

Do you ever listen to the stories your friends tell and think, "there's no way that really happened?" It probably happens a lot. But chances are, these outrageous stories did happen, it's just that they didn't take pictures at the time.

These pictures were taken by people who knew you had to see these things to believe them. Is it wrong that I still find them unbelievable though?

"Yes it's a woman walking down the street with a pet racoon."

Some people really like racoons. A smaller portion of that population would entertain getting one as a pet. An even smaller portion of that population actually did go out and raise a raccoon as a pet. Like this woman, who seems completely unfazed by the unsanitary scavenger riding on her shoulders.

"Brand new aluminum fry pan melted during first use."

Not only is this outrageous, it's incredibly frustrating. When you buy cookware, you kind of expect it to work the way it's supposed to. And, you know, not melt onto your stovetop after it gets too hot. All the cleaning that has to be done now...

"Parking lot botox."

It's hard to actually tell what's going on here, but it does look like that man is about to inject something into that woman's face. Whatever it is, let's just hope it isn't anything super dangerous (even though they're in a parking lot, so you know it can't be safe).

"Weird gnome garden."

There are some people who like to dress their houses up like this. Personally, I don't see the appeal. In fact, the only thing I can see coming out of this is a bunch of complaints from the neighbors. Maybe next time, just stick to plants and stuff.

"Dramatic effects of the California drought seen at Lake Oroville.:

Lake Oroville has really gone through it this year, what with the extreme heat the West Coast has been having. The lake is a fraction of the size it was just a few months ago. Even looking at this picture, it's still so hard to believe.

"Not a photoshop, but a completely red sky in Yakutia due to smoke from massive forest fires that blotted out the sun (taken at 3:30 PM local time)."

I don't live anywhere near any of the wildfires that are happening right now, so I can't even imagine how frightening it must be to see this kind of view in the middle of the day. So surreal.

"Saw this on the road today."

This is definitely one way to transport large quantities of hay. But, in 2021, this is for sure a strange sight to see. It's the horses for me.

Also, there's a guy standing on top of all those hay bales there. That doesn't really seem all that safe.

"On I35 in Temple, TX."

You know, I really think there was a better way to transport all that stuff. Multiple trips, for one. Or rent a van. Or get a trailer. Literally anything else.

Hopefully none of that stuff falls off and into the road. That could be a serious hazard.

"Saw this on the road in Tanzania. Those are all chickens. And they’re alive. And also chillin'."

Because apparently, people like to transport the strangest things using the strangest methods. At least this guy isn't carting around a couple dozen dead chickens or anything. And as long as they're chillin', what's the harm?

"My gummy vitamins melted into a giant super vitamin during shipping."

This is both unbelievable and infuriating. Imagine waiting days for your package to arrive, only for it to be completely unusable. It doesn't happen that often, but whenever it does, it's time to get in contact with the company for a refund.

"My mother-in-law’s clothesline of fledging butterflies."

This is definitely more butterflies in one spot than I've ever seen before. If you look closely, a lot of them are still in their chrysalis stage. Some are even in the process of hatching. It must take some real skill to get that many of them in the same place.

"My sock matched this wall in a dressing room."

Anytime I see something like this, I always think it can't just be a coincidence. Maybe this person knew that the dressing room had the same design as their sock, and made sure to wear that pair on that day.

...Okay, fine, it's probably just a coincidence.

"My local park holds the Guinness world record for the largest Easter egg hunt."

I would've really loved to see that Easter egg hunt go down. In fact, I bet the lead up to the event was really cool to watch and take part in, too. They needed hundreds of thousands of eggs, after all.

Wait. Organized by the Undertaker? Like the wrestling guy!?

"Found a Shrek Box today."

It's like a free library, except with Shrek items. Which is probably the best kind of free exchange box that could ever exist. Who wouldn't love to trade Shrek-themed items with other people.

I... kind of wish I knew where this was (and how to get there).

"LED canned lights, ten years apart."

When you think about it, ten years isn't really that much time. And yet, it's such a long time. So much can happen in a decade, like lighting companies figuring out how to make their products a fraction of the size.

Seriously, this comparison is wild.

"My mom ran into someone with the same tattoo as her in the same spot as her just mirrored."

What are the odds of running into someone with the same tattoo as you? I'm guessing not very high, unless you get something super common. But even still, what are the odds that you'd have that tattoo in the same place, or even in a spot that mirrors yours?

"Decluttering in preparation of a baby, these are all the Ben and Jerry's available in the UK between 2009 - 2012."

Looking at this picture, the only thing I can think of is that this person has an ice cream addiction. But they clarified on Reddit, "I used to take all my wages out in cash and split the money into the different pots to help me budget."

Makes a bit more sense, but still hard to believe.

"Someone created a bench for themself [*sic*], out of what looked like scaffolding, six stories up today."

Not only is this a terrible idea, it's also incredibly dangerous. Like, there's no way to even make that safe. I really hope that person is okay, because this is one of the strangest stunts I've ever laid my eyes on.

"This local diner refused to sell to Marriott for their new HQ/hotel. Marriott built around it."

To be honest, I always find it a little unbelievable when a small business doesn't sell their land to developers. But it also makes me kind of happy; you can't just buy things that are in your way, after all.

"Left a case of sparkling water in my car and found them all exploded due to heat."

It's not that I don't believe something like this could happen, it's that I can't believe someone would just leave a case of sparkling water in their car. Especially on a hot day. That's a recipe for disaster.

At least no one got hurt.

"Coat color change on my Siamese, Lola - 1 month vs. 8 years."

Just like humans, animal fur can change over time, I guess. It's kind of hard to believe that these two pictures are of the same cat, but here we are. A very cute kitty, though — both as a kitten and an adult.

"Best Shrek cosplay."

I'm not really sure what's more unbelievable here, the fact that this guy is dressed like Shrek, or the fact that he has an actual donkey with him. It's just so, so strange all around.

But I'll admit it. This is a really good Shrek cosplay, all things considered.

"This bumblebee taking a ride on the bus."

You'd think, as an insect that can just fly wherever it wants, this bee wouldn't feel the need to take public transit. Maybe it's just tired? Maybe it got stuck to this dude's shirt? Maybe it had an important appointment?

Whatever the reason, the poor little bee is probably far from home now.

"Window fix on a $160,000 car."

You would think, if you can afford a $160k car, you can afford to get the windows fixed properly. But maybe this person spent all their money on the vehicle, and didn't have any for the repairs? See, this is why owning an expensive car just isn't worth it.

"Entire alphabet carved in a pencil lead."

As awesome as this is, I can't imagine someone going through all the time and effort it would take just to carve tiny letters into a thin piece of lead.

This really doesn't even seem like it should be possible. And yet, here it is.

"House being built around an airplane."

I take it that the plane came first, but is there any reason they kept it there? Sure, the plane looks pretty cool in there, but it also takes up a lot of living space.

I'll just never understand why people do certain things.

"So my friend suddenly had some water leaking through his wooden floor in his apartment."

This picture is stressing me out. All that water under that floor can't be good for the structure. And it's hard to tell how deep the water actually is, but there's got to be at least a couple of inches. At this point, just move out.

"Had a guy bring a opossum into the pawn shop where I work today."

Um. Why? Why would someone think that an opossum would be the kind of item that would get them money from a pawn shop?

According to the OP, the little guy's name was Uno, he was an emotional support opossum, and no, they did not make an offer for him.

"These Lay’s Branded French Fries.'

I love the fact that companies make such different products for different countries. Even though most of us have probably never thought about it before, Lay's french fries make perfect sense. I bet they either taste amazing, or they're actually disgusting. There's no in between.

"Some ants decided to build their colony inside my sugar box."

Yeah, it's time to throw that sugar out. And maybe deep clean your kitchen for good measure. If you find an entire ant colony in sugar (or any food item you own), they've probably been there for a while. And they're probably in other places.