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20 People Who Are Having A Terrible Day At Work

We’ve all had that very worst day combo. From little things, like keys falling into the road gutter hole to a car engine that goes on vacation and doesn’t start, to pouring salt instead of sugar in your coffee, call them first world problems, but they’re real. And blood-boiling. In fact, we previously rolled up this compilation of pics with people having a day they’d be better off without.

This time, we are taking it a step further with a brand new list of employees having worse days than you. The cases are just vile. Think of a guy dropping a $40,000 pallet worth of glass on his first day or think of how it feels when you’re working from home and hit video instead of audio.

While you feel the hair standing up on your arms, I leave the stage to all the workers who need a big hug, mint tea and a warm blanket as soon as they get home. And if you still think that your workday is not going according to plan, well, think again.

#1 When I Worked At A Dog Daycare (I'd Bring My Dog With Me, Duh) I Once Got Off From Work And Was So Hungry I Left Without Him

#2 Started Work This Morning, Put My Headset On, Felt Something Furry In My Ear, Looked And There Is A Bat In My Headset

#3 When You’re Working From Home And You Hit Video Instead Of Audio

It has happened to all of us. The CEOs, the interns, the freelancers, nobody is immune to a bad day at work. And when it feels like everything is falling out of your hands and your head is about to explode, you look at the clock, and it says there’s still hours left until the day becomes history. So in order to find out what exactly we can do to help our miserable selves struggling with a bad day at work, Bored Panda reached out to Christine Mitterbauer, licensed and ICF-approved career coach and serial entrepreneur, who was happy to share some useful tips and insights.

“When you’re in the moment and this happens, the best thing is to stop what you’re doing, don’t say another word and excuse yourself to go to the bathroom,” Christine said and added that the last thing you want to do is explode in front of your boss and colleagues. “Doing this solves the problem in the short term, but to avoid this type of situation in the long term, there are a few strategies you could practice.”

#4 Flew In A Helicopter For The First Time At Work, The Pilot’s Helmet Wasn’t Calming

#5 Keeps Pecking The Window And Shouting At Me While I'm Trying To Work

#6 The One Time The Toner Exploded At Work While Switching It Out. You Can See Where I Was At That Exact Moment

#7 Actually Had To Put This Sign Up In The Bathroom At My Work

#8 So I Started Working As A Beekeeper Last Week

“Another thing to do is to remind yourself that everyone always has a reason for acting and speaking the way they do, a reason that makes sense to them. It might make no sense to you and irritate or anger you, but by always trying to put your mind into that of the person who has angered you, you start losing some of that anger. No one is being mean or irritating on purpose.”

#9 This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

#10 Poor Megan

#11 I Cleaned The Cat’s Litter Box And Brought The Bag With Me To Throw Away In My Outdoor Trash Can On The Way To Work. I Also Brought My Lunch

#12 My Friend Got A Surprise Haircut At Work Today. And It Was Free

And it was free

#13 Guy Dropped A $40,000 Pallet Of Glass On His First Day


They Couldn’t Do It

#15 After Years In Retail, This Is The Worst Case Scenario

After years in retail, this is the worst case scenario

#16 My Sister Tried Making Popcorn At Work Today... Didn't Go Very Well 

#17 I Work As A Valet. Told Him He Had To Park It Himself

#18 I Work At A Movie Theatre And This Is A Regular Occurrence

#19 Buckets Of Paint Fell Off A Pallet Being Lifted By A Forklift

#20 Need To Keep The Light On When I Get Ready For Work

Article Source: boredpanda