The Fat Monkey Brownies are so great that you'll drool over them when you eat them. No kidding. I know you're probably tired of me raving about the richness and decadence of a certain dessert. 

Look no further than Chunky Monkey Brownies with Baking Melts if you're looking for a rich, gooey and, yes, decadent brownie recipe. From Y-U-M. Yes, you can use chocolate chips or chocolate chips, of course. But you should try baking melts for a richer, deeper chocolate taste. They're great!  You'll swoon over these decadent brownies, I guarantee. 

After eating them, I cut each one a piece of these brownies in seconds. YES, within seconds... they were off every plate ! ! I was stunned !! The chocolate-banana combo was deadly !!! It wasn't as dense and thick as a normal chocolate-filled brownie, and it was pretty soft/caramely ! 

Chocolate and bananas make these brownies a very appreciated sweet treat ! Easy to make, what are you waiting for, and a crowd pleaser!


* 2 Cups.Of All-Purpose Flour.

* 1+1/2 Cups.Of packed brown sugar.

* 12 oz.Of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.

* 1/2 Cup.Of white sugar.

* 1/4 Cup.Of _Nestlé_ chocolate chips for topping. 

* Soft unsalted butter, I used 2 sticks. 

* Half Cup.Of mashed banana, I used a fork

* 2 large eggs. 

* 2 small sp.Of vanilla extract. 

* A pinch.Of Salt.  


* Step 1: Using an electric mixer, blend the butter, with eggs, add the sugar, salt, and vanilla extract, and mix well until incorporated. 

* Step 2: I added the flour, mashed bananas, and chocolate chips to the wet mixture. And stir using a wooden spoon, and mix well. 

* Step 3: Prepare a 9.13-inch glass baking plate, you can grease and flour it but if you have a cooking spray for spraying, it's better. 

* Step 4: Sprinkle with brownie mixture in a prepared plate and smooth the top with a knife 

* Step 5: After that, sprinkle the chocolate chips on the smooth top. 

* Step 6: And for 35 to 40 min, bake the brownies at 350 degrees F until lightly browned and a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. 

* Step 7: Let it cool fully before cutting into bars.


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