Candied Pecans


My favorite classic nut recipe is easy to make with 7 ingredients. Perfect for gifting or sprinkling on salads, yogurts, casseroles, ice cream and more. 

This delicious dessert has always been a favorite of mine, especially during the holidays, and it's an old-fashioned candied pecan recipe that I've loved for years and have made more times than I can count. Unlike my recipe for naturally sweetened pecans, this old-fashioned recipe has a thick, crunchy cinnamon sugar coating made with two types of sugar, plus the perfect touch of sea salt and hot pepper to balance the sweetness. And when baked in the oven until fully toasted and crunchy, I'm telling you, these candied pecans are absolutely irresistible.

always like to make little batches at the end of the year to make fun holiday gifts. But they taste great any time of the year as a sweet snack, or sprinkle them on everything from salads to yogurt, casseroles, baked sweet potatoes, ice cream and more. It's super easy to make using just 7 simple ingredients, the recipe is naturally gluten-free, and these candied pecans have the added bonus of making your home completely smell great while baking them in the oven.

I warn you now - when you start snacking on these little ones, it's hard to stop.  You'll love them!


* Ingredients :


° 2 c pecans

° 1 c brown sugar

° 1 teaspoon salt

° 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

° 3 tablespoons of water


* Preparation :


Cook over medium heat until melted.

Add the pecans and cook for two minutes.

Cool on parchment paper.


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