For chocolate lovers who eat everything, Cookie, Brownie and Buckeye come in one dreamy treat. They're known for chocolate-covered peanut butter cubes, rich, chewy brownies and crunchy chewy cookies, all wrapped up in a box. When you start with a box of brownie mix, it's almost too easy to pull it off.


- I used: 1/2 C-Of Cocoa powder. 

- 1+1/3 C-Of sifted Flour. 

- 1 C-Of white Sugar.

- 1/2 C-Of soft Butter.

- 1/3 C-Of Chocolate nibs. 

- An egg. 

- 2 tsp-Of Vanilla.

- 2 Tbsp-Of Vegetable oil.

- 1/2 tsp-Of Baking powder.

- 1/2 tsp-Of Salt.



The oven should be preheated at 175°C. 

- Step 1- Cover with parchment paper a cookie tray. 

- Step 2- Mix the cocoa powder in an electric mixer with the sugar, butter, and oil. 

- Step 3- Enter eggs and vanilla and mix until smooth. 

- Step 4- Mix the flour, the bakery, and the salt powder. Apply the mixture to the mixture of the milk, butter, sugar, and cacao and blend until homogeneous. 

- Step 5- Stir in the chocolate chips. 

- Step 6- Create balls of the mixture of medium size and placed them in a scattered tray. 

- Step 7- In the oven for at least 12 min, put the plate. 

- Step 8- Take the pan from the oven and serve warmly


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